Father’s Day Gift Guide

Men are usually conditioned to look after their loved ones. While this is a good thing, psychotherapist Philip Karahassan states that men also need to care for themselves to improve their emotional state and boost their mental well-being. It’s important for men to make lifestyle changes so that they can extend the care that they give to others unto themselves.

For this Father’s Day, you can teach your father or your spouse how to look after themselves by making it easier for them to incorporate self-care into their current lifestyle. So if you have an active dad in your life, here are some gifts that can help them include self-care into their routine:

Hats that can protect their face from sun exposure

Does your loved one enjoy playing sports or doing their workout outdoors? You can teach them how to protect themselves from the sun by giving them a wide-brimmed hat that can cover their head, neck, and face. Hats are very handy for active men because they can help lower one’s risk of getting blistered and swollen skin when they spend too much time outside in the midst of summer. You can even get them hats with ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) protection to ensure that UV rays are effectively blocked from reaching their skin while they’re exposed to the sun.

Sunglasses that can shield their eyes from the sun

Your dad or your husband could also be risking their eye health whenever they play their favourite sport under the sun. You can help them protect their eyes by giving them a pair of sunglasses for men that are customised to their needs. You can choose to gift a popular men’s sunglasses style, like the Wayfarer, which has big lenses that can protect your loved ones’ eyes from the sun’s harsh rays. These sunglasses can even be polarised to help your loved one see with clarity as they play their favourite sport or work out outdoors.

Wellness products that can relax their tired bodies

It’s not easy to complete a workout or participate in a sports activity after a long day at work. As such, one of the perfect presents you can give your father or your spouse is the I Love® Wellness collection, which can help them de-stress, sleep better, or even rejuvenate themselves after a difficult day. For instance, you can give them the I Love® Wellness bath soak in sleep so that they can soothe themselves with the scents of chamomile and lavender during their bath. You can also give pillow mists as a gift to help them feel calm and refreshed as they drift to sleep.

Massage guns that can soothe their sore muscles

Workouts and sports activities can lead to sore and tired muscles. As such, you can teach your loved one how to care for themselves by purchasing a massage gun that can warm their muscle tissue and increase the blood flow in their body. One of the massage guns that you can get is the famous Hydragun Massage Gun, which can penetrate muscles through its fast speed of 3200 RPM. You can also purchase the DMS professional deep muscle stimulator massager for them because this handy tool can help relieve muscle pain in the body.

Your loved one will definitely be happy, especially if you can give them a gift that can improve their quality of life. So, try to make them happy this upcoming Father’s Day by giving them a gift that can teach them how to practise self-care every day.

Prepared by: Jane O’Brian

For: www.ilovecosmetics.co.uk

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