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  • 12 Mar

    Pampering Gifts for Mother’s Day

    by Donna Robinson

    With Mother’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to treat the leading lady in your life. If you’re shopping for Mum, Grandma, Mums-to-be, the Mother of your child or maybe even...

  • 05 Mar

    Spring Scents to Freshen up Your Home

    by Tasmin Lofthouse

    Spring is almost here and it’s time to spark some joy by giving your home a spring clean and refresh. It’s the perfect time of year to blow off the cobwebs and...

  • 28 Feb

    Roses are Back, Violets are too, Floral Lovers Form a Queue

    by Tasmin Lofthouse

    Word on the street is that floral fragrances are making a comeback. Traditional scents of Rose and Violet are set to be two of the freshest fragrances for Spring 2019. Here at...

  • 21 Feb

    Share Your Scent Story | Competition

    by Tasmin Lofthouse

    Fragrances have the power to evoke memories and emotions. The smell of freshly cut grass can remind you of spring days from our childhood or the scent of sweet coconut can whisk...

  • 14 Feb

    You Love... Blogger Round Up

    by Tasmin Lofthouse

    We've been spreading the LOVE and have received so many fantastic reviews from fans and bloggers across the UK. They've been waxing lyrical about their LOVE of our products from our bath, body and...

  • 08 Feb

    Share the Love this Valentine’s Day

    by Tasmin Lofthouse

    Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day or Galentine’s Day this year, it’s time to share the love. If you are looking to buy gifts for your loved one or maybe you just want...

  • 05 Feb

    Soap up the Good Vibes

    by Tasmin Lofthouse

    When did you last reach for a bar of soap instead of your favourite shower gel? If your answer is "I'm not sure" then maybe, it's time to swap to soap. After...

  • 25 Jan

    Are you looking for ways to beat the Winter Blues?

    by Donna Robinson

    We love the start of a brand-new year but after all the partying and excesses of the festive season, it’s no wonder that January can feel to some like the gloomiest month of...

  • 14 Jan

    Flavour of the month – Exotic Fruits (Perfect for Holiday Dreaming!)

    by Donna Robinson

    Are you dreaming of escaping the cold? Transport yourself to sunnier places with the scent of Exotic Fruits! Experience paradise with this exotic cocktail of fruity favourites. Mango and grapefruit combine blissfully...

  • 30 Nov

    Flavour of the Month: Introducing Vanilla Milk

    by Donna Robinson

    Each month we will be introducing one of our brand new signature scents & this month it’s Vanilla Milk Like a sweet caress, this fragrance will envelop your senses with the pure...