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Live Life Happy – What is it about?

I Love’s newest addition to our product portfolio is our collection of all-year-round gifting! Struggling for a sleepover party favour? Is someone in the office celebrating a milestone birthday? Or fancy treating a loved one to something extra special? Live Life Happy is here to the rescue! A colourful collection designed to put a smile on everyone’s face – no matter their age, gender or special occasion, there’s something for everyone… Wait – what are you bringing out? Bath Time Treat Good Nights Sleep Our I Love A Good Night’s... Read More

4 Beauty & Skincare Essentials For Your Autumn Handbag

With autumn just around the corner, there are more things to look forward to than just cooler weather, falling leaves, and rich colours. As mentioned in a previous post, autumn is also the perfect time to declutter your wardrobe and take your summer clothes out of their rotation. But aside from searching for the best knits, sweaters, and coats for layering, this season also calls for the right handbag for the season. While you can dust off your trusty purse from last season, it never hurts to look for a bag that’s... Read More

Father’s Day Gift Guide

Men are usually conditioned to look after their loved ones. While this is a good thing, psychotherapist Philip Karahassan states that men also need to care for themselves to improve their emotional state and boost their mental well-being. It’s important for men to make lifestyle changes so that they can extend the care that they give to others unto themselves. For this Father’s Day, you can teach your father or your spouse how to look after themselves by making it easier for them to incorporate self-care into their current lifestyle. So if... Read More

May Manifestation

Summer is around the corner, it’s time to manifest the Summer of a lifetime – with the most confident version of yourself… Ever practiced manifestation? If not, this Manifestation Manual is perfect for you… Law #1: Similar things are attracted to each other. Surround yourself with those with like-minded goals so you can all empower each other! Law #2: Think Positive The law of attraction stipulates you have a dedicated space in your mind and life, don’t keep it full of negative vibes and instead let go so that positivity... Read More

I Love – Past, Present & Future

Founded in 2009 by M.D James Brown, I Love introduced their first collection – Originals. This entry into bath and body care started with some of our most popular products – still to this date! Our Originals range was based around punch perfumes and fruity fragrances, scents to make you smile… In recent years, I Love has expanded into 3 more ranges – Signature, Naturals & Wellness. Signature is a close link to Originals with 6 fragrance lines, Exotic Fruits, Glazed Raspberry, Violet Dreams, Vanilla Milk, Elderflower Fizz & English Rose.... Read More

How your skincare should change with the Season

Just when you think you have your skincare routine down, the season changes and your skin changes with it. We struggle to retain moisture in cooler months as our skin dries out in colder climates. Transitioning from Winter to Spring though, we begin to warm up and as a result, our skin begins to change as well. With added heat, our skin can become oily and grimy as we work up a slight sweat. Not treating your skin with the appropriate exfoliation, cleansing and hydration routine can lead to clogged... Read More

The Importance of Sustainable Beauty

Why Is Sustainable Beauty Important? Many consumers are highlighting the demand for sustainable beauty products due to the significant environmental impact of beauty brands. In fact, around half of shoppers identify plastic waste as the biggest sustainability challenge in beauty products, which is why they want more concrete solutions from companies. Beauty consumers have expressed that they want brands to provide less packaging, include more natural ingredients in their products, and offer recycling programmes to make the industry more eco-friendly. As companies take notice of this shift in consumer preference, they’re also... Read More

Spring Cleaning – Tips & Tricks

Spring is the time to declutter and de-stress as we progress into the year. Whether that’s a physical or mental declutter, this blog post is here to help you… Spring Clean Tips Disconnect from social media. Social media can take up a large portion of your time and stop you from doing things you really want to get sorted.   Prioritize what you need to do and write it down. Physically checking off your to-do list can be a serious mental motivator. Take on Marie Kondo’s philosophy of only keeping... Read More

A Guide to Self-care – Mum Edition

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, it’s time we talk about Mother’s and their self-care routines. To take care of yourself as a busy mum, use these tips below for the ultimate self-care routine: De-stress with a walk around the park or a quick yoga session at t home. Release your stresses in a journal or through craft/art. Do what you love. Try reading your favourite book genre, a new movie you’ve been meaning to watch or playing some music from one of your favourite artists. Find time to get out... Read More

Self-care & Sleep

Part of taking care of yourself is making sure you don’t do anything at all… …What are we talking about? Sleep! Sleep is a crucial part of everybody’s routine. From recharging your batteries to restingyour body to allow proper recuperation ready for the following day.   Recharging your mental batteries is key to ensuring you can clearly think and focus.Having a well-rested head ultimately put you in a better mindset for dealingwith the day ahead. A lack of sleep can otherwise cause mood swings and a lackof social awareness. Resting... Read More