1. Packed full of goodness!
    21 Jun

    Packed full of goodness!

    by Donna Robinson

    I Love use ingredients to create beautifully scented products to help you look and feel your best. We understand ingredients are important to our fans these days & wanted to better educate you on what goes into our products. It’s not as scary as you think we promise ☺   Aqua - Water Water is used in a lot of cosmetics as a solvent that helps to mix ingredients together, as well as that it cleans, softens and nourish skin and hair. Water or aqua is often the first item on an ingredients list as it makes up the majority...

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  2. Product Focus - Body Butter
    19 Jun

    Product Focus - Body Butter

    by Donna Robinson

    Summer is on its way & it’s time to get your summer skin prepped and ready! Packed with the perfect blend of naturally nourishing Shea Butter & anti-oxidant rich Coconut Oil, I Love’s range of beautifully scented Body Butters will leave dry skin feeling silky soft and beautifully hydrated. Enjoy a touch of indulgence everyday & wrap your body in waves of beautiful, buttery goodness!  These butters are rich, creamy & super absorbent. They are made with 87% of naturally derived ingredients and contain natural fruit extracts. These body butters will melt into your skin leaving it feeling beautifully moisturised...

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  3. Flavour of the Month: Strawberries & Cream
    14 Jun

    Flavour of the Month: Strawberries & Cream

    by Donna Robinson

    Wimbledon is nearly upon us which means it’s time for everybody’s favourite summertime snack; Strawberries & Cream! Scrumptious strawberries & indulgent cream have been a winning combination since the first ever Wimbledon tournament in 1877. Did you know that on average 10,000 litres of cream and 34,000 kg of strawberries are eaten at the tournament each year! That’s over 166 servings! Who are we to argue with such a long established sweet treat? So if you can’t beat them join them with I Love’s deliciously scented Strawberries & Cream classic collection. Available in an array of bath time treats such...

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  4. Festival season is here!
    14 Jun

    Festival season is here!

    by Donna Robinson

    Festival season is upon us! Whether you’re a battle-hardened festival goer or you’re taking your first foray out into the mud and music, we’ve got the do’s and don’ts of a successful festival experience Here’s our top tips to surviving festival season; Firstly arrive early.  The later you arrive, the further from the action you will be. Try beating the crowds to cut the travel time between your tent and the stages, as well as the super long queues for the showers & toilets. You’re going to need a bigger tent. Just because a festival tent says it sleeps two, it...

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