Advice for gifting that perfect present

Have you ever received a gift you weren’t thrilled with? Did you awkwardly open it? Yep, we’ve all been there… 

This is pressure, because you feel guilty that someone you are close to bought it especially for you, and now you don’t want it, or it doesn’t interest you. If this happens to you in the future, don’t sweat it, don’t over think it, don’t be awkward! This blog will guide you on how to gift the perfect present, so you don’t feel tense when opening your gift.

1)     Put Some Thought into it and really understand what your candidate likes and what they are interested in…

When gifting items, you want your candidate to enjoy it. When gift givers put a lot of thought into a gift, they feel closer to the recipient, even if the recipient isn’t so much affected by the thoughtfulness, the giver is. The psychology behind gifting is empathy . When you’re giving a gift, you want to delight the recipient – whether it’s a lovely surprise or some well-needed support.  People give gifts as a way of showing thoughtfulness, love and affection. When we give gifts, it brings joy or pleasure to the receiver. In addition, giving gifts is something which usually makes us feels good, so its pressure to make sure we pick the right gift for our candidate…

Our I Love® gifting range has gifts for everyone.  Our Natural’s gifting collection is made for people and the plant, we aim for the highest percentage of natural ingredients in all our products, and this has never been quite as prevalent as in our Naturals collection. The range is formulated with skin-soothing plant extracts and superstar natural ingredients to nourish and indulge skin.  This making our Naturals range a perfect gift for those who are conscious about the plant and consumers who view natural ingredients as safer for human health and the environment. 

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Our I Love® Wellness collection is the perfect gift for anyone who cares about self-care benefits: sleeping better, stressing a little less, boosting energy or giving themselves a few mindful moments. The purpose of this range is part of a regular self-care routine, as our expertly curated range of scents can help aid every facet to your day-to-day life.

The Wellness family has four scents to the range, firstly starting off with ‘Sleep’. The Sleep range contains natural essential oils of lavender and chamomile, which helps encourage a restorative night’s sleep  and to help soothe the body and mind ahead of a peaceful slumber.

The ‘De-stress’ scent combats life’s stresses and lets the worries of the day melt away. This scent is expertly blended using natural fragrances and pure essential oils, including lemongrass, rosemary & eucalyptus, to help soothe the senses, creating the perfect scent to reset the balance of the day.

I Love’s rejuvenating and uplifting scent ‘Energy’ uplifts your senses. This scent is expertly blended with natural fragrances and pure essentials oils, including orange & bergamot. This helps to energise and invigorate the body and mind, creating the perfect scent to supercharge your senses and get you ready for the day ahead.

The final scent of the Wellness family is ‘Calm’. Expertly blended using natural fragrances and pure essential oils such as petitgrain & ylang ylang, they help to promote clarity of mind and create the perfect scent to relax to. 

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Our Signature scent is a range that is guaranteed to make people smile, that’s why our motto is ‘Scents that make you smile”. 

The range has a scent for everyone…

Violet Dreams: Float away in a sweet, ethereal cloud of soft parma violets, lifted by a luminous medley of Sicilian bergamot and green apple, leading to a romantic floral heart of white lily, jasmine and violet. All of this comes to rest on a heavenly pillow soft base of patchouli, vanilla, candyfloss and dry flowers. Drift gently into dreamland with this tempting sweet treat; a nostalgic reminder of simple lazy days. 

Elderflower Fizz: As the rain gives way to bright sunshine, and the air is filled with the creamy vapour of lacy elderflowers, it is time to embrace the rejuvenating spirit of summer with this delightful pressé, blending luscious fruits and watery cucumber, with delicate floral interludes. This vibrant fruity accord has opening notes of apple & cucumber, leading to a heart of lemony elderflowers and jasmine to create a beautiful floral freshness. 

Vanilla Milk: Like a sweet caress, this fragrance will envelop your senses with the pure and indulgent scent of vanilla, enhanced by a swirl of creamy milk and hints of bergamot. The comforting base of rich, honey-like amber, with the lush vanilla notes of the Tonka bean, encases you to sooth & relax the senses. 

English Rose: Embrace the essence of modern romance mixed with a quintessential English garden. This fragrance unfolds like a bouquet of freshly cut flowers. The delicate aroma of fragrant rose and the fruity freshness of pear and red berries are combined with the opulence of jasmine and amber, leaving a luxurious and seductive scent. This fragrance is nature’s blooms at their most tempting 

Glazed Raspberry:  Indulge yourself with this delicious, berry sweet treat, with the vibrant scent of glossy raspberry glazed doughnuts, oozing with scrumptious strawberry jam. All of this is lifted with lingering sugary, vanilla warmth. A delicious warm doughnut fragrance without the calories! 

Exotic Fruits: Experience paradise with this exotic cocktail of fruity favourites. Mango and grapefruit combine blissfully with mouth-watering melon, luscious persimmon and juicy pineapple to create the scent of summer. Deliciously exotic, delight in the joy of its warm glow and allow it to take away your stresses & strains. Savour summer memories with this fresh fruity fragrance. 

The range includes creamy body washes, long lasting body mists (both priced at £4), pampering bath salts (priced at £5), a selection of luxurious body butters (priced at £6) and indulgent hand and nail creams (priced at £3) which are available in the six unique signature scents, a product for everyone, perfect for anyone on a budget. 

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