We LOVE Being a Brand that Cares

We LOVE Being a Brand that Cares

At I LOVE, we really do care when it comes to creating bath & body care products. Designed to cleanse, nourish, refresh and pamper your skin, all our products are bursting full of fragrance and skin loving ingredients.

We believe in the importance of using kind-to-skin ingredients and doing what we can to contribute to a more positive and environmentally-friendly world.

Here’s just a few of the ways we are working hard to ensure we are positive, responsible and thoughtful in all that we do…

Made in the UK




We are proud of our British roots!

In the UK, we are blessed with innovative and highly experienced manufacturing partners who we work with closely to bring you a refreshing, exciting and on trend product assortment.

Our manufacturers aren’t just great at helping us bring our fun and refreshing ideas to life. Working with local UK-based manufacturers allows us to reduce our environmental impact so we can bring you high-quality products without leaving a large carbon footprint behind, compared to if we used overseas manufacturers.


No Nasties


Our Signature scents collection have been thoughtfully designed to make sure they are free from any ‘nasty’ ingredients that you wouldn’t want to find in your favourite bath & body care products!

When it comes to preservatives, we steer clear of parabens and other synthetic preservatives that can be harmful to skin. To keep our collection of Signature Scents fresher for longer, we have included natural preservatives such as LEUCONOSTOC/RADISH ROOT FERMENT FILTRATE.

We also avoid using SLS (SODIUM LAURYL SULFATE) in our Signature Scents collection. Instead, our Signature body washes contain SLES (SODIUM LAURETH SULFATE) which lathers up a cleansing foam whilst you shower. Although they sound exremely similar, SLS is known to be an irritant to skin. However, SLES is a much gentler formula that will leave your skin feeling soft, smooth and nourished.

Other kind-to-skin ingredients found in this range of fresh, floral, fruity and gourmand fragrances, includes natural fruit extracts, shea butter, organic coconut oil and vitamins.


Cruelty Free


At I LOVE, we stand by our furry (and non-furry) friends by taking a stance against animal testing.

As part of our cruelty-free stance, we do not test on animals, do not use materials that are derived from animals and we only use raw materials from companies that are not involved in, or commission, the use of animals for testing and have no plans to do so in the future.

We are passionate about animal rights and we believe in a world that is free from animal testing. Non-animal tests are often more effective, more reliable and faster than tests involving animals. This shows that animal-testing is an outdated and unnecessary form of testing that is cruel to animals.

We hope to achieve Leaping Bunny status and we are currently in the early stages of researching the application process so that we can proudly validate our statements with a trusted standard.


Vegan Friendly


Alongside our pledge to always be cruelty-free, we also promise to be vegan-friendly. Being vegan-friendly means that none of our products contain any animal, or animal-derived, ingredients.

Instead of using animal or animal-derived ingredients, we ensure our products are formulated using vegan alternatives. For instance, we use organic coconut oil as an emollient in our body butters and for the red colouring in our products, we steer clear of carmine and ensure we use non-animal and non-animal derived colorants.

When so many vegan alternatives exist, why choose anything else?




To learn more about what goes into our lovingly-made I LOVE bath & body products, read our Packed Full of Goodness blog post.

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