Spring Cleaning – Tips & Tricks

Spring is the time to declutter and de-stress as we progress into the year. Whether that’s a physical or mental declutter, this blog post is here to help you…

Spring Clean Tips

Disconnect from social media. Social media can take up a large portion of your time and stop you from doing things you really want to get sorted.  

Prioritize what you need to do and write it down. Physically checking off your to-do list can be a serious mental motivator.

Take on Marie Kondo’s philosophy of only keeping items that ‘spark joy’ to truly declutter all unnecessary belongings.

Don’t forget!

Clean out your pantry and refrigerator (we tend to forget these spaces!)

Clean out that dreaded junk drawer (don’t lie we all have one)

Organise your skincare and body care in your cupboard. If you can’t see it, how will you remember to include it in your routine?


After you’ve decluttered and feel organised, make sure to treat yourself to a warm bubble bath to wind down and relax.

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