Self-care & Sleep

Part of taking care of yourself is making sure you don’t do anything at all…

…What are we talking about? Sleep!

Sleep is a crucial part of everybody’s routine. From recharging your batteries to resting
your body to allow proper recuperation ready for the following day.  

Recharging your mental batteries is key to ensuring you can clearly think and focus.
Having a well-rested head ultimately put you in a better mindset for dealing
with the day ahead. A lack of sleep can otherwise cause mood swings and a lack
of social awareness.

Resting your body is the key to getting sick less often, staying at a healthy weight and
lowering your risk for serious health problems alike diabetes and heart

Eye masks are able to block out light and prevent you from waking up, leading to a deeper
sleep. Taking care of yourself and winding down properly before an evening of rest is the perfect way to prepare for a deep sleep. 

How can i improve my sleep routine? 

Step 1) Detach from your phone/ computer and television before heading to bed as blue light can affect the way our brain perceives the time of day.

Step 2) Relax your body with either a light workout, yoga or a simple stretch.

Step 3) Evening showers or a warm bubblebath are the perfect way to relax the muscles and rid your body of aches and pains from a stressful day.

Step 4) Spritz a pillow mist or light room fragrance to lull your body into a peaceful state of mind.

Step 5) Climb into a warm bed with your favourite pyjamas (the cosier the better!).

Step 6) Use an eye mask to prevent any light from waking you up during your slumber, this ensures a deeper sleep for the night ahead.

If you personally struggle with your sleep, I Love have specially formulated a range dedicated to helping you prepare your body for a restorative night’s sleep. Use the link below to explore and see how you can improve your night-time routine.

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