May Manifestation

Summer is around the corner, it’s time to manifest the Summer of a lifetime – with the most confident version of yourself…

Ever practiced manifestation? If not, this Manifestation Manual is perfect for you…

Law #1: Similar things are attracted to each other.

  • Surround yourself with those with like-minded goals so you can all empower each other!

Law #2: Think Positive

  • The law of attraction stipulates you have a dedicated space in your mind and life, don’t keep it full of negative vibes and instead let go so that positivity can take it’s place … trust good things will come!

Law #3: See the Silver Lining

  • Similarly, to Law #2, if you’re having a bad day, focus on the small things that make you happy or do something to help improve your mood. Don’t get hung up on negativity.

Manifest Journals – what are they for?

A manifestation journal encourages you to strive towards certain goals, whether that’s to take better care of yourself, work harder in the office or strengthen a relationship. Putting it out there is the first step to achieving your goals. A manifestation journal if a great way to start so you can consistently remind yourself of your goals and look back to see how far you’ve come.

If you’re more of a visual learner, try out a Manifestation Board. Present your goals through a collage of images to better see your goals. We recommend creating a Pinterest board you can add to easily as you go about your day, follow our page @ilovecosmetics for self-care/self-love quotes and goals to add to your board!

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