Spring Scents to Freshen up Your Home

Spring Scents to Freshen up Your Home

Spring is almost here and it’s time to spark some joy by giving your home a spring clean and refresh. It’s the perfect time of year to blow off the cobwebs and start enjoying the outdoors. But, whilst it’s not quite barbecue weather just yet, Spring is thankfully also a wonderful time of year to enjoy from the comfort of your home.

There’s no denying the power of fragrance. Scents can have positive effects on your mood, stress, sleep and even confidence levels. So, it’s time to bring some joy to your home with vases of beautiful fresh flowers from your local florist, perfectly styled reed diffusers and stunning scented candles.

To help you reawaken and refresh your home after a long, cold Winter, we’ve handpicked our favourite I LOVE Signature scents for certain rooms within the home…


Uplift the Kitchen and Living Room with Exotic Fruits

I LOVE Exotic Fruits scented Candle
Tropical fruits can have an uplifting and stimulating effect on your brain. The energising scent of Exotic Fruits means this fragrance is perfect for downstairs living spaces especially the kitchen or living room.

As mango and grapefruit blend blissfully into mouth-watering melon, persimmon and juicy pineapple, this deliciously exotic candle will create an invigorating social space in your home.

A zingy, fruity fragrance is perfect for keeping your kitchen smelling fresh all day long. With 12 weeks long-lasting fragrance, the Exotic Fruits reed diffuser is well-suited to any downstairs living space.


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Create a Zen Bedroom and Bathroom with Violet Dreams

I LOVE Violet Dreams scented Reed Diffuser


The tranquil scent of violet and jasmine are perfect for relaxation. The Violet Dreams reed diffuser and candle lets you drift gently into a dreamland, making it the perfect fragrance for your bedroom or as a bathroom treat for a relaxing pamper night.

The intoxicating scent of parma violet, bergamot and green apple leads to a romantic heart of white lily, jasmine and violet. These heady and soothing scents rest on a heavenly pillow of patchouli, vanilla, candyfloss and dry flowers to melt stresses away. Perfect for a relaxing night in.


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Turn your Office and Bedroom into a Happy Space with English Rose

I LOVE English Rose scented candle

Research suggests that floral scents can increase learning speed and memory retention. Bearing this in mind, a floral reed diffuser or candle could be the perfect addition for your study or home office.

Unlike traditional rose scents, our English Rose fragrance is sensual and surprisingly refreshing. The opulent scent of jasmine and amber compliments the fresh notes of pear and English rose to create a calm yet stimulating aroma for your home office.

English Rose can also be a positive and calming scent for the bedroom. Studies have found that rose can influence dreams, framing them in a more positive light. So, keep that English Rose reed diffuser by your bedside to ensure you drift off into a happy, peaceful sleep.


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Available in a choice of 6 beautifully-scented signature fragrances, the I LOVE candles and reed diffusers will transform your home into a happy space with scents that make your smile.


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