Spring Cleaning in Autumn

Spring Cleaning in Autumn

Some say an Autumn Clean is the new Spring Clean… so, if you thought your days of deep cleaning the house were over for this year, think again! It’s time to dig out the marigolds, put on your favourite music to dance (…or clean) to and give your home an autumnal refresh.

The autumnal weather has us wanting to draw the curtains, turn up the heating and get cosy at home. This increased humidity becomes a haven for germs and bacteria that thrives in warm homes over winter.

Follow our top tips for giving your home an Autumnal glow and keeping household germs and grime at bay:


Clean the Windows and Make Them Shine

Our first tip for an autumnal spring clean is also probably our least glamorous… but it’s a necessity if you want your home to truly shine this autumn!

The contrast of the warm central heating indoors against the cold air outdoor can lead to issues with condensation and mould around the windows. Make sure your home is ready for the change in weather by giving the windows a deep clean to help prevent condensation and mould growth.

Dust away those cobwebs and wipe all windowsills and internal window frames with a tea tree essential oil and warm water blend. Tea tree has anti-fungal properties so will help protect your windows from mould whilst smelling beautifully fresh at the same time.


Sweep, Dust and Vacuum (like Cinderella!)

Avoid mucky floors and dirty carpets during the wet and windy Autumnal season by giving your home a thorough sweep, dust and vacuum. Remember to pull out the sofas and larger furniture to get to those hard-to-reach places that aren’t as frequently cleaned. When dusting, be sure to get a long-armed or extendable duster to allow you to reach the ceiling corners and help to keep your home spider-free.

To give your home a real refresh, rearrange some of the furnishings to give your home a new lease of life for the autumnal season!


Freshen up Sofas, Cushions and Beds

Because we all know Autumn is the season for cosying up on the sofa watching re-runs of your favourite show, it’s also time to give those soft furnishings a freshen up. Gently vacuum upholstery and, if possible, remove and wash sofa cushion covers so they can be fresh for autumn and winter evening spent snuggled up on the sofa.

As for the bedrooms, it’s important to air your mattress regularly. Check your mattress brand recommendations how often it needs flipping so you can make sure you get the best quality and use out of your mattress. As well as changing your bedding, it’s a good idea to also wash duvets and pillows to keep them fresh and clean.

Don’t forget to swap that summer duvet for a winter tog duvet once the temperature starts to drop too!


Have a Summer De-Clutter

It’s time to rotate your wardrobe by swapping out the summer clothes for your autumnal knits and coats. This wardrobe de-clutter is also the perfect time to go through your clothes and see if there is anything you no longer wear that can be donated to charity.

To keep your clothes smelling fresh, we recommend popping some of our beautifully-scented bath salts into a small sachet and hanging them in your wardrobe or popping them in your clothes drawers!

As well as clearing out your wardrobe, go around your house and de-clutter by placing any summer items into storage until next summer.


Bring Out The Winter Warmers

Nothing says autumn quite like cosy blankets and watching rom-coms in a candlelit room. Welcome autumn with open arms and bring out all your favourite winter warmers, from the fluffy blankets to autumnal patterned cushions and your favourite scented candles.

The warm, flickering light of our Signature scented candles will instantly relax your senses. Available in 6 fragrances, our candles have a burn time of 40 hours and will fill your room with a delicate and beautiful scent.

Our favourite candles for the autumnal season are the Violet Dreams and Vanilla Milk candles. Each of these have a calming scent. If you’re looking for something with an uplifting and energising scent, then fill your home with the smell of summer with the Exotic Fruits candle.

If you want something with a little bit more staying power than a candle, we also offer reed diffusers in our 6 Signature scents.


So, get your home ready for cosy season. Do you have a top tip for giving your home an autumnal refresh? Come and let us know all about it on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter!

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