Seven Ways to Beat the Sunday Scaries

Seven Ways to Beat the Sunday Scaries

Sundays are meant to be for relaxing. However, that isn’t always the case. Do you find yourself nervously clock-watching on Sunday night, counting down the hours until it’s Monday? Do you spend your weekend worrying about upcoming assignments, deadlines and projects? If you find yourself nodding “yes” you might have a case of the Sunday Scaries!

The Sunday Scaries are all too real. The weekend has whizzed by in the blink of an eye and it’s almost time to re-start the working week. Luckily, there are lots of handy tricks and practices you can use the making those feelings more manageable.

We want your Sundays to be filled with happiness and relaxation, not overcome with dread and worry. To help you overcome the looming feel of Monday, here are our favourite seven ways to beat the Sunday Scaries:


Write Your Worries Down

If the thought of the upcoming week has got your stomach in knots, keep worries at bay by writing a to-do list.

Before the weekend rolls around, spend five minutes on Friday writing down all the tasks you need to do next week. Then, forget about them! You’re off the clock and deserve to spend your weekend worry-free. Feel calm knowing that you already have a to-do list ready and waiting for you on Monday morning so you can quickly recap on your priorities for the week.

Do you find random work-related thoughts pop into your head over the weekend? If so, quickly jot those thoughts or tasks into the notes section of your phone and tell yourself that you will look at it on Monday. Don’t spend your weekend mulling those work-related thoughts over… just write it down and let it go.


Treat Yourself to a Manicure and Pedicure

If your weekend is spent rushing around doing 101 different things, it’s likely that you won’t have time for a full-blown pamper session. But that doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself at all.

Set aside 15 minutes on Sunday to treat yourself to a mini manicure and pedicure session. Take care of chipped nail polish, apply a fresh coat then wrap hands up in one of our beautifully-scented hand moisturisers.

For a super lazy but effective skincare treat, nourish tired feet by generously applying your chosen moisturiser then put on your fluffiest socks and let the moisturiser work its magic as it soaks into your skin.

Have a Digital Detox

When did you last spend a day without looking at your phone or laptop? We all spend so much time wrapped up in the digital world, that it’s easy to forget to switch off from it.  Yet, science has shown that there’s a strong connection between screen time and mental wellbeing. If you can’t keep yourself from checking your work emails over the weekend, it’s time you had a digital detox.

Switch off from your phone, emails and social media for the weekend. You shouldn’t feel guilty for taking a weekend off work but if you do, set an out-of-office on your work emails to kindly let people know you’ll get back to them on Monday.

By taking a break from your phone and social media, you can also resist temptation to pick up any work-related notifications. Better yet, you can also enjoy a break from mindlessly scrolling social media, catching up on the news or getting sucked in a YouTube rabbit hole.

Enjoying time away from digital devices can help quieten a busy mind. Instead, fill those minutes normally spent on your phone or replying to emails with wholesome, feel-good activities like reading, going for a walk or catching up with friends over coffee. Being present (and technology-free) is a sure-fire way to help keep the Sunday Scaries at bay.

Enjoy a Blissful Bubble Bath

We aren’t saying a bubble bath will cure all… but it sure can help!

Fill up your tub and pour in some of your favourite bath and shower crème for sweet-scented bubbles you can sink into. Grab a book to enjoy whilst you bathe and let yourself sink into 30 minutes of complete and utter undisturbed bliss.


Get Lost in a Feel-Good Film

Sometimes, beating the Sunday Scaries can be something as simple as watching a feel-good film, enjoying your favourite snacks and tuning out from the real world for two and a half hours.

A good movie can help cure all of your worries so if you can feel the Sunday Scaries creeping in, put on an uplifting, happy film and laugh those worries away.


De-Stress with a Salt-Infused Bath

Bath salts are a bathroom essential in times when you need a little extra self-care. For a luxurious soak designed to calm your mind and muscles, pour 2 generous handfuls of Violet Dreams Bath Salts under the warm running water as you draw your bath. Then, enjoy 30 minutes of pure relaxation as the ethereal scents of parma violets, jasmine and sandalwood work their magic.

Alternatively, you can use our bath salts as a foot soak, homemade steam bath or invigorating in-shower exfoliator. Whichever way you decide to use these bath salts, they’re bound to help make Monday feel like a distant memory.


Reach Out to Someone

Sure, nobody likes the thought of the weekend coming to an end but if your feelings are more than just the apprehensive feeling of Monday rolling around, look at what the underlying reasons may be. if the Sunday Scaries fill you with crippling anxiety or depression, reach out to someone and seek professional help.

You deserve to feel happy and stress-free so look after yourself and speak to someone.

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