Roses are Back, Violets are too, Floral Lovers Form a Queue

Roses are Back, Violets are too, Floral Lovers Form a Queue

Word on the street is that floral fragrances are making a comeback. Traditional scents of Rose and Violet are set to be two of the freshest fragrances for Spring 2019.

Here at I LOVE, we aren’t surprised to hear that these vintage fragrances are making a revival. We’ve long been fans of these floral classics and believe that with a carefully-chosen and complimentary combination of top, heart and base notes, they can hold their allure in the modern day.


Roses are Making a Comeback

There’s no denying the romantic allure of roses and that’s why they’ve remained a timeless classic. It even has the royal accolade of being Queen Victoria’s favourite fragrance which just demonstrates the timeless beauty of rose.

With that said, rose fragrances tend to get a bad reputation. People often associate rose fragrances with the musky days of yesteryear. With a few uplifting changes, rose can be revitalised for 2019. And that’s exactly what we plan to do…


I LOVE English Rose Signature Scent Trio


The English Rose fragrance in our Signature collection offers a fresh take on the classic rose scent. With top notes of bergamot, pear and green accord, English Rose greets you with  sweet and crisp fragrances for a lively first impression.

Once the top notes fade, the heart notes of rose, orris and jasmine start to bloom. Unfolding like a bouquet of freshly cut flowers, this English Rose fragrance offers a lively yet delicate take on the classic Rose.

Long after the fruity and floral fragrances are gone, you are left with the heart-warming base notes of vanilla, musk, amber and patchouli. These warm and luxurious musky base notes add a touch of nostalgia to this perfume to evoke feelings of happiness and create the perfect Rose fragrance for Spring 2019.


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Reaffirming our Love for Violet

The delicate and powdery scent of violet has long been associated with vintage and old-fashioned perfumes. It’s a floral scent that’s often overlooked. Yet, it’s one that can be so magical and graceful.

That’s why we are here to modernise violet and provide a fresh alternative to this well-known sweet and woody fragrance.


I LOVE Violet Dreams Signature Scent Trio



With dreamy opening notes of bergamot, green apple, kumquat and parma violets, it’s evident that our Violet Dreams signature fragrance puts a sweet spin on this classic powdery scent.

These ethereal and fresh top notes lead to a romantic floral heart of white lily, jasmine and violet. Offering bursts of flowers, our Violet Dreams is a euphoric floral fragrance, unlike the powdery violet scents you may be familiar with.

All of this then comes together to rest on a heavenly pillow of patchouli, vanilla, candyfloss and dry flowers. The candyfloss adds a sweet and playful edge to this violet fragrance, helping to keep it fresh for the modern day.


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Through our love of fragrance, fun, refreshment and authenticity, we bring you beautifully-scented and innovative fragrances that make you smile. The I LOVE signature scents collection brings a touch of sophistication to the fun, reminding you that you can do both.


It’s time to revive your love of vintage florals…

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