New Product Launch: Candles & Diffusers

New Product Launch: Candles & Diffusers

Brand new product alert!

Do you love candles & room fragrance? We do! Which is why we have extended our love of beautiful scents into home fragrance! We have launched a brand new range of Signature Scented Candles & Reed Diffusers.

These scents will complement the current Signature Scented bath and body range and allow you to bring your love of I LOVE into your home!

The collection includes 6 Signature Scented Candles & 6 Signature Scented Reed Diffusers in complementary fragrances.

The 200g Candles are perfectly packaged gifts for the ones you love! They have a burn time of over 40 hours and provide beautiful fragrance which lingers around the room. All scents were carefully chosen to ensure that the candles have the perfect balance of authenticity, nose and “throw” (the candle’s ability to gently fill a room with gorgeous scent). The candles contain a mix of palm wax & paraffin wax. The palm wax used is from RSPO certified sustainable palm wax and has been specially tested to ensure it creates an even burn & allows you to bask in its aroma.

These beautifully scented candles are packed in pretty printed pamper bags. They are the perfect gifts for the ones you love.

The complementary 100ml Reed Diffusers are also available in the same 6 Signature Scents. With over 12 weeks of long lasting natural essential oils these reed diffusers emit beautiful fragrance which lingers around the room. Fragrance can uplift, relax & delight us. All scents were carefully chosen to ensure that your diffuser creates a beautiful & relaxing environment for you to enjoy. Sit back, relax & enjoy the delicate aroma.

The brand new home fragrance range is available in Elderflower Fizz, Vanilla Milk, English Rose, Violet Dreams, Glazed Raspberry and Exotic Fruits.

Both the candles and reed diffusers are priced at £15 but for a limited time we are launching them on promotion! If you spend £30 you get £10 off! So that’s a candle & a reed diffuser for £20! Bargain & the perfect to start your Christmas shopping! Just enter code 30FOR20 at the checkout!

I LOVE’s scents are all exclusive to the brand and have been developed in the UK using experienced fragrance houses. All I LOVE products carry a no nasties message which includes no parabens, silicones or animal ingredients and they are vegan friendly. All products are formulated & made in the UK.

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