How to deal with overwhelming Christmas Stress

Yes, Christmas can be a delightful time, but it’s can also be overwhelming and can cause anxiety and stress for many people. Not everyone is excited about the added stresses that the holidays may bring to them. Extra spending and crazy family dynamics can be very overwhelming…

The key to having an stress-free Christmas is all about preparing and setting boundaries as well as taking some time out to de-stress and look after yourself. Self- care and managing your stress levels is extremely important for your health, it can lower your risk of other conditions- like heart disease, obesity and high blood pressure. Too much stress can also impact the mind and body in direct and powerful ways. Stress saps our energy and contributes to fatigue, negative thinking, and distressing emotions such as anxiety, fear, frustration, anger, self-pity and depression. Ongoing stress makes us more susceptible to emotional imbalance, illness, and disease.

Our I Love Wellness De-Stress collection will help ease your life stresses away with our natural essential oils of lemongrass, rosemary and eucalyptus. The range is expertly blended using natural fragrances and pure essential oils, including;

Lemongrass oil can be extracted, and is being used by healthcare providers to treat digestive problems and high blood pressure. It has many other potential health benefits, too. In fact, lemongrass essential oil is a popular tool in aromatherapy to help relieve stress, anxiety, and depression.

Rosemary oil can be used to heal headaches, sprains, muscle soreness or pain, rheumatism or arthritis.

Lastly, Eucalyptus oil may help decrease pain, promote relaxation, and relieve cold symptoms.

At I LOVE® our formulators work to ensure our products are designed to take care of your skin and your mood. Self-care starts with you looking after you😉 

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