Five Perfect Pampering Treats for Mums to Be

Five Perfect Pampering Treats for Mums to Be

Ever since we first heard of the Duchess of Sussex’s royal baby bump, we’ve been excitedly keeping our eyes open for any royal updates. In what feels like a blink of an eye, it’s almost time for us all to welcome the newest addition to the Royal family.

To celebrate the birth of the Royal Baby and all soon-to-be Mums, here’s our choice of bath and body products, fit for a future-queen or mum-to-be…


Nourish Thirsty Skin with English Rose Body Butter

During pregnancy and as a new mum finding time to look after your skin can seem impossible. Sometimes all you need is

a helping hand in the form of a nourishing body butter that will look after your skin for you.

This rich and moisturising English Rose body butter helps to hydrate tired skin. Made with regenerating shea butter and nourishing organic coconut oil, this body butter will help to intensively moisturise skin. A luxurious blend of natural skin-loving moisturisers such as pro vitamin B5, vitamin E and aloe vera extract will help keep skin feeling soft, smooth and calm.


Containing 85% naturally derived ingredients, our delicately and beautifully scented English Rose body butter is ideal for everyday use. Thanks to their non-greasy and fast-drying formula, the I LOVE body butters are perfect for busy Mums that don’t have time to wait for their body lotion to dry when getting ready in the mornings.


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Soothe New-Mum Stresses with Violet Dreams Bath Salts

Having a baby can sometimes feel like hitting the fast-forward button on life. As a new mother, you’ll be rushing through your daily life on little sleep with an overworked mind and a new overwhelming sense of love for your little one. This mix of physical, emotional and psychological changes can leave you in desperate need of some relaxation.

Epsom salts are filled with healing properties, making them a bath-time essential for Mothers during or after pregnancy. Epsom salts can help speed up healing and reduce swelling by encouraging circulation.

For the perfect evening of relaxation, pour 2 generous handfuls of Violet Dreams bath salts to your bath and allow yourself to sink into a delicately scented and soothing bath.


With notes of bergamot, parma violets and rose, the ethereal scent of our Violet Dreams bath salts will help you unwind ready for a good night’s sleep. The increased serotonin from the magnesium can also help you feel relaxed and further promote healthy sleep.

The I LOVE bath salts contain 99% naturally derived ingredients including soothing Epsom salts, elastane-enhancing ACB Bio-water Bamboo and skin-loving natural fruit extracts.


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Quickly Indulge your Skin with Vanilla Milk Body Wash

Don’t have time for a bath? As a new mum, finding time to do the simplest task such as taking a shower can seem like climbing mount Everest.

When you do get an opportunity to treat yourself to a quick shower, pair it with the soothing and velvety Vanilla Milk body wash. With swirls of creamy milk and luxurious vanilla, this gentle body wash is comforting and kind to skin.

This body wash will gently transform into a rich foam to cleanse and moisturise your skin. Natural fruit extracts and skin-loving moisturisers including Pro Vitamin B5 will also provide skin softening benefits to help leave your body feeling silky smooth.

Containing 97% naturally derived ingredients, the I LOVE signature body wash range is the perfect pick-me-up and nourishing treat for your skin if you only have 5 minutes to spare for a quick shower before rushing back to juggle daily life as a new mum.


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Stay Fresh All Day Long with Elderflower Fizz Body Mist


Life as a new mum can be chaotic and at times, it’s hard to know if you’re coming or going. The refreshing Elderflower Fizz body mist is perfect for popping in your baby changing bag or handbag for on-the-go refreshment.

Spritz the Elderflower Fizz body mist all over to uplift, refresh and revive your skin. Formulated with natural fruit extracts, this delicate fragrance mist offers a welcome burst of elderflower, jasmine and cucumber.

All of our I LOVE body mists & spritzers offer beautiful fragrance lasting for up to 4 hours to help stay refreshed throughout the day.


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Unwind in the Evening with I LOVE Candles


Lighting a soothing scented candle can help create a calming atmosphere at feeding time, nap-time or play-time to help create a positive bonding experience for you and your new baby.

Life as a new mum can be overwhelming so it’s important for you to take a moment to relax and recharge. Our Violet Dreams candle can help create a calm environment with it’s ethereal and peaceful scent.

Offering over 40 hours burn time, the I LOVE candles will create a beautiful and long-lasting fragrance to create a warm and relaxing atmosphere that will soothe your stresses and transform your home into a positive space.


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Above all else, soak in every second you get with your little bundle of joy, enjoy those New Mum moments and remember to be kind to yourself…

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