Essential Wedding Day Tips and Advice

Essential Wedding Day Tips and Advice

Summer is officially here and with it, the summer wedding bells are chiming! July is a popular month for brides in the UK. Each year, a huge 14% of weddings take place in July, making it the second most popular month to get hitched. With a promise of some British sunshine and clear skies, we can see why it’s such a popular time of year for a UK wedding.


Match your Manicure to Your Bouquet


With 101 other things to think about, you probably haven’t even had chance to think about what to do for your wedding nails.

Nude nails might be a classic choice for your wedding day but why not opt for something a little more special and match your mani to your flowers?

You could choose a feature colour from your bouquet for your nails; opt for a pearlescent shimmer that complements your bouquet or go all out and get an artistic floral design to match the flowers that you’ve chosen for your special day.

Whatever nail design you decide to go for, make sure your hands are mani ready with the beautiful English Rose Hand & Nail Cream in our Signature Collection.


Get Kissable Lips for Your Big Day


Get first-kiss ready by using Balmi to keep your lips well-hydrated in the run up to the big moment.

In the lead up to your wedding day, keep your lips moisturised with Balmi lip balm. This conical shaped balm features the perfect blend of nourishing Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil & Vitamin E for super soft lips.

If your lips need a little extra TLC, gently exfoliate your lips before applying lip balm. Using a soft toothbrush, delicately brush your lips using a circular motion then apply a lip balm to lock in moisture. Do this once a week in the final weeks leading up to your wedding day and you’ll have the perfect smooth lips for our big day.


Beat the Wedding Stress

Violet Dreams Bath Salts

Wedding planning can be seriously stressful. Your working hard to make your dream day a reality, so it’s important to not let stress ruin the dream.

Sure, there’s going to be stressful moments as you work hard to ensure each and every detail is picture-perfect. To help you handle pre-wedding day stress and stay calm, cool and collected, make sure you plan in some time to relax.

For the perfect relaxing night in, enjoy a soothing soak with the Violet Dreams bath salts. The ethereal scent of violets works to help calm those nerves, allowing you to unwind and soothe the stresses of wedding planning.

For moments when you can’t just run a relaxing bath, try mindfulness breathing to calm the wedding jitters. It may sound simple but it’s incredible how taking control of our breathing during stressful situations can help bring peace and clarity. Give it a try next time your feeling the stress seep in… and if it doesn’t work, run home and jump in a Violet Dreams infused bubble bath instead!



Choose a Special Wedding Day Fragrance

Many brides-to-be will want to mark their wedding day with a special fragrance. With it’s link to memory, a unique fragrance will allow brides to be whisked back to their special day with just a couple of sprays of their chosen wedding day scent.

When choosing a special fragrance for your wedding day, you’ll most likely want to choose something that’s unique to you and your big day. You can even choose to match your fragrance to your wedding flowers with floral notes. Having a wedding with a green botanical theme, then why not choose a fragrance with green accords and woody undertones?

The best way to keep your chosen fragrance smelling fresh all-day long is by fragrance layering. In our Signature Scents collection, you’ll find a choice of 6 beautiful fragrances. Complement your chosen wedding fragrance with one of the I LOVE Signature Scents to make your wedding scent beautifully unique and long-lasting.


Light Up Your Wedding Day With Candles


Your wedding day scent doesn’t have to be reserved just for perfume. Bring your chosen wedding scent into all aspects of your big day with scented candles and reed diffusers.

Carefully place scented candles as table centrepieces and at selected locations throughout your wedding venue. Reed diffusers are perfect for placing in the bathroom or by the bar whilst candles can help set the romantic, cosy tone by adorning tables, lighting up entranceways and creating an enchanted feel in the gardens.

For the tables, opt for a subtle scent or use non-scented candles with 1 or 2 scented candles to ensure the fragrance doesn’t steal away attention from your carefully chosen wedding menu.

With our Signature home scents, you can find a beautiful array of scents that complement our Signature bath & body care products, perfect for creating a harmonious fragrance throughout your special day.


Give the Gift of Fragrance


If you’re struggling to think of a fragrance for your wedding day, why not opt for some scented bath & body care treats? After a full day celebrating and a night filled with dancing, your guests will likely need a night of relaxation!

Our collection of I LOVE Mini Bath and Shower Crèmes make perfect wedding favours. These little treats are delicious tasters of I LOVE heaven. Available in an array of amazing fragrances, you can pick a scent that captures the essence of your special day. Allow you and your guests to be whisked away back to your wedding day every and every time they smell the beautiful fragrance of your chosen I LOVE wedding favours.




Your wedding day should be special so above all else, remember to have fun and enjoy every moment of it!


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