Fun Chocolate Facts for World Chocolate Day

Fun Chocolate Facts for World Chocolate Day

World Chocolate Day falls on the 7th July. Although, if we had it our way, every day would be World Chocolate Day!
As history has it, in the year 1550, July 7th was the day that chocolate was first introduced to Europe.

To celebrate World Chocolate Day, here are seven fun chocolate facts:

1. Chocolate Money in Mayan Times

The Mayans are believed to be the first to discover chocolate and, in Mayan times, your favourite chocolate bar may have been worth it’s weight in gold!

Like many early civilisations, ancient Maya would barter and trade goods instead of using coins as money. However, it’s recently been discovered that the Mayan civilisation started to use Cacao Beans as a form of currency.

2. Chocolate is Good for Your Health

Hooray – chocolate can be good for your health! It is generally believed that the darker the chocolate, the greater the health benefits.

Recent studies have shown that dark chocolate could prove to be good for helping boost our immune system, reducing inflammation and increasing brain activity! This is all thanks to being full of antioxidants, such as flavonoids, catechins, and polyphenol antioxidants.

If you ask us, it sounds like the perfect reason to treat yourself to a night of relaxation and recovery by enjoying some chocolate whilst you soak in a Chocolate Fudge Cake infused bubble bath… after all, it’s good for your health!

3. Chocolate is Mouth-Meltingly Tasty

Have you ever wondered why chocolate is so mouth-meltingly tasty?

Chocolate melts at just below human blood temperature, which is why it is so mouth-meltingly satisfying. Milk chocolate has higher levels of cocoa butter so is more likely to melt in your hand whilst dark chocolate will melt in your mouth!

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4. Say it with Chocolate

Belgium are famous for their delicious chocolates. So, it shouldn’t be a surprise to find out that, in 2013, Belgium issued over 500,000 postage stamps which smelled of cocoa and were coated in a varnish to look like chocolate.

The stamps even had a special glue that tasted like chocolate when licked!

If only chocolate scented and flavoured stamps where a common thing, you’d definitely catch us writing a lot more love letters and sending snail mail to all our pen pals instead of texting!

5. Power Up with Chocolate

Just like reports that chocolate is good for your health, it could also help you focus, sharpen memory and protect your brain from ageing.

A study conducted by University of Nottingham researchers in 2012 found eating dark chocolate can boost blood flow to certain areas of the brain. This chocolate-fueled boost directly leads to increase performance in tasks and general alertness.

6. Chocolate Grows on Trees

Money might not grow on trees, but chocolate does! Each cacoa tree can produce 2,500 beans with approximately 3.8 millions of cacao beans growing a year.

With such a high demand existing for chocolate, it’s important to help protect the environment by doing your bit to support cocoa suppliers who follow sustainable practices!

7. The First Ever Chocolate Bar was UK-Made

We’re proud of our British roots and we were equally proud to discover that the first ever chocolate bar (as we know it!) was made in the UK.

The first solid chocolate bar was produced by Fry’s in 1847 and the chocolate bar market has grown tremendously since then. Almost 200 years later and chocolate is still one of the most-loved sweet treats in the UK!


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