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Product Information

Are I LOVE’s products paraben free?

We aim to be! All of our products are paraben free, except the body butters, lip glosses and lip balms (and for good reasons!)


Are I LOVE’s products suitable for vegetarians?

All of our products are suitable for vegetarians.


Are I LOVE’s products soap free?

Yes, all of our products are soap free! Yay!


Are I LOVE’s products pH balanced?

Most of our products have added ingredients for pH buffering.


Do I LOVE’s products contain natural extracts?

All of our bubble bath, hand wash, body butter, body lotion, hand lotion, shower gel and cream products contain natural extracts. It helps them deliver extra goodness for your skin!


Are I LOVE’s products alcohol free?

All of our products, except the body spritzers, are alcohol free.


Are I LOVE’s products tested on animals?

None of our products are tested on animals. Only on us, and we’re proud to do it! You can read our full statement here.


What should I do if I get product in my eyes?

If you get product in your eyes, rinse thoroughly with clean water.


Do you have a Facebook page?

Yes! We do have a Facebook page! You can follow us to stay up to date on new product launches, exclusive Facebook competitions and inside information from behind the scenes at I LOVE HQ!

You can also stay up to date with what we’re up to by following our Twitter, Instagram and our I LOVE blog.