Vanilla Milk

Vanilla Milk

Swirls of creamy milk & luxurious vanilla combine to create a comforting and soothing fragrance. This winter warmer is rich & thick with the indulgent scent of fragrant vanilla, lightly combined with milky tones. Explore our beautiful new scent story here…

Scent Story

Like a sweet caress, this fragrance will envelop your senses with the pure and indulgent scent of vanilla, enhanced by a swirl of creamy milk and hints of bergamot. The comforting base of rich, honey-like amber, with the lush vanilla notes of the Tonka bean, encases you to sooth & relax the senses.

Key Notes

Top – Bergamot, milky accord

Middle – Creamy milk, sandalwood, vanilla

Base – Musk, sandalwood, vanilla

Rich, creamy and smooth as silk, it's Vanilla Milk!