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  1. Back to School Essentials!
    29 Aug

    Back to School Essentials!

    by Donna Robinson

    The Summer Holidays are coming to an end & September is nearly upon on. It’s the start of a brand new year for schools, colleges & university. Don’t worry we have got all the beauty essentials to help you transition from beach babe to straight A student! These 4 pamper products are the perfect travel size to pop into your handbag or gym kit. I LOVE’s Bath & Shower Crèmes are filled with energising natural fruit extracts and caring Pro-vitamin B5, they will leave your skin feeling silky soft and deliciously scented. Pick up a handy 100ml for use at...

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  2. Helpful hints for choosing a new fragrance
    08 Aug

    Helpful hints for choosing a new fragrance

    by Donna Robinson

    Scent and fragrance are an essential part of a beauty routine. At I LOVE we believe that fragrance can alter your mood, trigger your favourite memories and enhance your individuality. We create memories, emotions & a sense of happiness through our scents. A new season is the perfect time to revisit your perfume collection, your fashion and beauty choices change from winter to summer, so why not your fragrance? Summer signals being outdoors, barbeques and beach activities. Did you know that scents are greatly influenced by temperature? Heat causes a fragrance to evaporate faster or project further; this is why...

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  3. Summer Skin Tips
    26 Jul

    Summer Skin Tips

    by Donna Robinson

    Whether you are enjoying a beach getaway or a stay-cation, summer is the season to relax and enjoy being outside, but it's not time to slack on your skincare routine. The UK is in the mist of a heatwave & we’ve got some handy skincare tips to ensure you can keep your skin safe in the sun! 1. Take a Cool Shower Hot showers after sun exposure further dry skin. Turn down the temperature and you’ll pick up a few added benefits. A cool shower after excess sweating helps to keep skin clear, decreasing acne breakouts. Try washing with our...

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  4. We love Spring!
    01 Apr

    We love Spring!

    by Donna Robinson

    Spring is finally here, it’s time to open the windows, embrace the sunshine, enjoy the great outdoors & welcome the longer days!   There are many reasons to love spring but here are our top 10! Firstly Spring brings with it Easter! This means some much needed time off Hooray! Eat chocolate for breakfast, enjoy the longer days & get outdoors for some much needed fresh air. Daylights Saving Time is in full effect from 24th March and we couldn't be more appreciative! So long SAD, hello happy hour! Spring is the season of rebirth and reawakening. Fresh flowers, the smell...

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