Our Travel Essentials!

08 May
by Donna Robinson
Top Tips, Skincare, Beauty, Bath & Body & Holidays
Our Travel Essentials!

You've booked the flights, picked the perfect destination & have researched the best restaurants and bars, but the biggest task is yet to come - the packing. Don’t worry we have everything you need to be a beach body beauty!

Here’s our list of Top 5 travel essentials;

1. Shower Smoothie – an everyday essential to wash off that sand, sea & suncream! I Love’s Shower Smoothies gently exfoliates your skin leaving it silky soft & feeling clean.
2. Body Butter – lather up with body butter to keep your skin moisturised & super soft after a day in the sun.
3. Body Spritzer – Stay fresh & smelling delicious with I LOVE’s Body Spritzers, perfect to throw in your beach bag & spritz throughout the day.
4. Balmi Lip Balm – Lip Balm is a handbag essential to keep your lips feeling smooth & soft in the summer sun.
5. Hand Lotion – essential to prevent your hands from drying out on the plan. Stay hydrated with I LOVE’s deliciously scented hand lotion to keep your skin feeling silky smooth.

Don’t forget!! Passport, visas, travel insurance, currency & you're good to go!!

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