Martin Luther King Day

Happy #MartinLutherKingDay to all of our American followers! 🤍

Don’t forget today is also to encourage us to better ourselves and our communities by working together as a unit no matter where you are. I Love is a British brand based out of East Didsbury, Manchester.

Below we have listed charities in and around Manchester that you can be involved in. Today we remember the impression left behind by one of the most influential Americans in our lifetime.

Music Action International

The team here works with refugees, asylum seekers and Roma people. They also provide consultancy, talks, refugee & trauma awareness sessions and performances. Their unique approach by involving people in music significantly reduced physical and emotional trauma.

Greater Manchester Youth Network (GMYN)

Founded in 2007, GMYN deliver a range of development programmes to help young people transition into adulthood feeling skilled, supported and positive.


For 35 years, this project has supported thousands of individuals struggling with poverty around Manchester. Lifeshare offers various services throughout the year including; assistance with accommodation during a crisis, weekend breakfasts, fighting food poverty and giving those without the means to, digital access.

These are only a few of the many charities in and around Manchester assisting those in need. If you know of a charity in the U.K you believe needs more recognition and attention please comment down below for us to share across our socials 🤍

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