I Love – Past, Present & Future

Founded in 2009 by M.D James Brown, I Love introduced their first collection – Originals. This entry into bath and body care started with some of our most popular products – still to this date! Our Originals range was based around punch perfumes and fruity fragrances, scents to make you smile…

In recent years, I Love has expanded into 3 more ranges – Signature, Naturals & Wellness.

Signature is a close link to Originals with 6 fragrance lines, Exotic Fruits, Glazed Raspberry, Violet Dreams, Vanilla Milk, Elderflower Fizz & English Rose. These products are a culmination of floral and fruity perfumes.

Naturals & Wellness are the most recent additions to the I Love family. We decided to explore a more luxury aesthetic for the brand and henceforth these collections were brought to fruition.

Naturals is based around naturally derived ingredients such as Rose & Argan, Tonka Bean & Myrrh, Bergamot & Seaweed and Lime, Ginger & Cardamom. Wellness is focused on using essential oils to help improve mood – Energy, De-stress, Calm & Sleep. These lines are formulated for self-care and self-love by giving yourself a pamper with our at-home-spa style products.

By expanding into the realm of high-end products, I Love also began to expand their product portfolio of gifting in the bath and body care realm.

From all of these collections, I Love is now introducing Live Life Happy, set to launch in the tail-end of 2023!

Live Life Happy is inspired by all of our previous collections to bring fun giftable products that can be purchased by anyone, for anyone or even for yourself! This collection has also been a way for the brand to explore other areas in the beauty industry – including branching out into… skincare!

To discuss products from all of our ranges and to enquire about our product portfolio for Live Life Happy please contact the following;

James Brown our Managing Director & Founder – j.brown@ilovecosmetics.co.uk
Ewelina Oracz our Commercial & Operations Manager – e.oracz@ilovecosmetics.co.uk

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