Helpful hints for choosing a new fragrance

Helpful hints for choosing a new fragrance

Scent and fragrance are an essential part of a beauty routine. At I LOVE we believe that fragrance can alter your mood, trigger your favourite memories and enhance your individuality. We create memories, emotions & a sense of happiness through our scents.

A new season is the perfect time to revisit your perfume collection, your fashion and beauty choices change from winter to summer, so why not your fragrance?

Summer signals being outdoors, barbeques and beach activities. Did you know that scents are greatly influenced by temperature? Heat causes a fragrance to evaporate faster or project further; this is why summer and winter scents often differ.

Summer scents tend to encapsulate the spirit of summer; they are light, fresh, feminine & floral. This season it’s all about crisp citrus like our Elderflower Fizz or delicate florals such as our English Rose. Before you decide which fragrance to purchase follow these handy steps;

  • Have a look at the notes within the fragrance – The top notes are the notes you will be able to smell first, the middle notes are the heart of the fragrance and the base notes bring depth to the fragrance. They are often the ones that will last the longest.
  • Read the fragrance story – this should help you get a feel for the type of scent it is & whether it matches your personality
  • Try it on your skin – Fragrances can smell different on each person so give it a try before you buy. We are currently giving away 2 free 30ml Body Wash samples with every order! These will be automatically included in your parcel.

To make your fragrance last longer layer up your favourite scent by using the same body wash, body butter & body mist fragrance on top of each other. For even better results prep the skin with an exfoliator and use unscented soaps and lotions so your fragrance doesn’t compete with your other beauty essentials.

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