Fun Things to Do During the Summer Holidays

Fun Things to Do During the Summer Holidays

Schools out and 6 (or so) weeks of fun lay ahead. With all that time, it’s sometimes hard to think of fun things to do for every day of Summer.

If you’re looking for ideas of things to do during the summer holidays, let us help with these fun Summer Holiday plans…

1. Go to the Beach

If you live near a beach, organise a beach day! There’s nothing better than eating ice cream at the seaside on a hot summer day.

Writing in the sand, seashell hunting, building sandcastles and playing frisbee are just a few entertaining activities you can get up to at the beach.

If you’re going to be out in the sun, remember to wear sun tan lotion. Planning to brave the waters? Then make sure your sun tan lotion is waterproof too!

Along with wearing sun protection lotion, we also recommend keeping your lips soft & hydrated to protect them from the seaside elements. The Balmi collection of lip balms are available in an array of sweet and fruity flavours & colours so you can find the perfect lip balm for you.

2. Get Outside With Your Friends

Summer-time means it’s time to swap the movie nights for days out. The days are getting longer and brighter, so put on your favourite summer outfit, text your friends and head outside for a day of fun.

Whether you choose to go to the park, hit the shops or go for a walk, getting outdoors in the sunshine will do you a world of good.

If you’re planning to be out all day long, pop an I LOVE original body spritzer in your bag so you can keep fresh on the go. The popular Raspberry & Blackberry body spritzer is a firm favourite for summer days and at just £2.99 for a 100ml spritzer, the Raspberry & Blackberry fragrance is a revitalising and fruity fix that you’ll love.


3. Have a BBQ

Fancy staying closer to home? Invite your friends round for a barbecue instead! You could even make it a themed barbecue or ask everyone to bring something for the table. From Hawaaiian to 90s to Unicorn, there’s 100s of themes to choose from to make your barbecue the barbeque that everyone will be talking about all summer long!

Fancy making your BBQ that extra bit special? Then why not give all of your friends a fruity party gift! The I LOVE Mini Bath & Shower Crèmes make the perfect party bag gift.


4. Have a Pamper Night & Sleepover

Not every day of summer is going to be filled with glowing sunshine. If a rainy night is ahead, invite your best friends over for a pamper night and sleepover.

You can spend the evening eating sweets, watching your favourite movies, catching up on the latest gossip and pampering yourselves! Nothing beats a night in with your friends if you’re in need of some feel good vibes.

Find some summery nail art patterns and colours and have fun painting each other’s nails. Once done and dried, moisturise your hands with an I LOVE hand lotion for a truly pampering treat for your hands and nails.


5. Go to a Festival

If you are looking for a fun way to spend a weekend this summer, head to a music festival. Spend a weekend dancing, laughing and having a good time with your friends and you’ll have happy memories to look back on for years!

If you’re heading to your first festival this year, then read our festival survival guide for some top tips before you go!


Whatever you have planned for the summer holidays, we hope it’s filled with making amazing new memories. Come and share your Summer plans with us over on Instagram at @iloveofficial so we can see what fun stuff you’re getting up to!

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