Flavour of the Month: Introducing Glazed Raspberry

Flavour of the Month: Introducing Glazed Raspberry

Each month we will be introducing one of our brand new Signature Scents and this month it’s Glazed Raspberry!

Indulge yourself with this delicious berry sweet treat, with the vibrant scent of glossy raspberry glazed doughnuts oozing with scrumptious strawberry jam. All of this is lifted with lingering sugary, vanilla warmth to create a delicious warm doughnut fragrance without the calories!

This sticky & sweet scent is gooey with delicious berry scents and decadent dessert delights, it’s a pleasure for the senses. A firm fan and fruity favourite, this fragrance evokes feelings of warmth, indulgence and sugary scents. With key notes of Raspberry, Strawberry, Doughnut & Vanilla, this fragrance is a must for delectable dessert lovers.

Glazed Raspberry is now available as a scented body wash and body mist (priced at £6.50), relaxing bath salts (priced at £8), luxurious body butter (priced at £12), a brand new hand and nail cream (£5) plus a luxurious candle and diffuser.

I LOVE’s scents are all exclusive to the brand and have been developed in the UK using experienced fragrance houses. All I LOVE products carry a no nasties message which includes no parabens, silicones or animal ingredients and they are vegan friendly. All products are formulated & made in the UK.

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