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  1. Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking…
    20 Mar

    Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking…

    by Tasmin Lofthouse

    To quote the Devil Wears Prada, “Florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking…”, whilst florals may not be a groundbreaking trend for Spring-time there’s a reason why they are the go-to scent at this time of year. When it comes to fragrances, florals are here to stay. These botanical beauties are a necessity in perfumery. Here’s our favourite floral fragrances for the Spring time. Come Up Smelling of Roses Crowned the ‘Queen’ of perfume, rose will long be a favourite in fragrances. Rose may seem outdated to some but with the right fragrance combination, it can be a refreshing scent for the new Spring...

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  2. Pampering Gifts for Mother’s Day
    12 Mar

    Pampering Gifts for Mother’s Day

    by Tasmin Lofthouse

    With Mother’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to treat the leading lady in your life. If you’re shopping for Mum, Grandma, Mums-to-be, the Mother of your child or maybe even for yourself, we have an array of wonderfully-scented gifts to make the perfect present for Mother’s Day. So, it’s time to say “Thanks!” to all those amazing Mums out there… Treat your Mum to Much Needed Me-Time If your Mum is in need of a night-off where she can just put her feet up and relax, then why not treat her to some amazing new bath and shower...

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  3. Spring Scents to Freshen up Your Home
    05 Mar

    Spring Scents to Freshen up Your Home

    by Tasmin Lofthouse

    Spring is almost here and it’s time to spark some joy by giving your home a spring clean and refresh. It’s the perfect time of year to blow off the cobwebs and start enjoying the outdoors. But, whilst it’s not quite barbecue weather just yet, Spring is thankfully also a wonderful time of year to enjoy from the comfort of your home. There’s no denying the power of fragrance. Scents can have positive effects on your mood, stress, sleep and even confidence levels. So, it’s time to bring some joy to your home with vases of beautiful fresh flowers from...

  4. Roses are Back, Violets are too, Floral Lovers Form a Queue
    28 Feb

    Roses are Back, Violets are too, Floral Lovers Form a Queue

    by Tasmin Lofthouse

    Word on the street is that floral fragrances are making a comeback. Traditional scents of Rose and Violet are set to be two of the freshest fragrances for Spring 2019. Here at I LOVE, we aren’t surprised to hear that these vintage fragrances are making a revival. We’ve long been fans of these floral classics and believe that with a carefully-chosen and complimentary combination of top, heart and base notes, they can hold their allure in the modern day.   Roses are Making a Comeback There’s no denying the romantic allure of roses and that’s why they’ve remained a timeless...


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