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  1. Scents of Summer with the Limited Edition Summer Bundle
    11 Jul

    Scents of Summer with the Limited Edition Summer Bundle

    by Tasmin Lofthouse

    Summer is officially here and to celebrate, we’ve pulled together our favourite summer scents to create a Summer Bundle filled with must-have bath & body care treats for those warm summer days. Filled with over £28 worth of summertime skincare treats, you can get your hands on this amazing Summer Bundle for just £15. Be quick and make sure you get yours before they all go…   Shop The Summer Bundle   Enjoy a Tropical Treat with Mango & Papaya In the I LOVE summer bundle you’ll find our fan-favourite summer scent Mango & Papaya. This mouth-watering tropical scent of...

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  2. Fun Chocolate Facts for World Chocolate Day
    04 Jul

    Fun Chocolate Facts for World Chocolate Day

    by Tasmin Lofthouse

    World Chocolate Day falls on the 7th July. Although, if we had it our way, every day would be World Chocolate Day! As history has it, in the year 1550, July 7th was the day that chocolate was first introduced to Europe. To celebrate World Chocolate Day, here are seven fun chocolate facts: 1. Chocolate Money in Mayan Times The Mayans are believed to be the first to discover chocolate and, in Mayan times, your favourite chocolate bar may have been worth it’s weight in gold! Like many early civilisations, ancient Maya would barter and trade goods instead of using...

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  3. A Match Made in Heaven with Strawberries & Cream
    27 Jun

    A Match Made in Heaven with Strawberries & Cream

    by Tasmin Lofthouse

    Wimbledon is the oldest international tennis event in the world so there’s no wonder that it’s an event steeped in tradition. The location is iconic, the competitors are required to dress “almost entirely” in white and the players are referred to as “ladies” and “gentlemen” as a nod towards the early days when tennis was a sport played by aristocrats – it’s all quite quintessentially British. From the long-standing traditions to the thrill of Wimbledon being the only tennis game that’s still played on a grass court, there’s a lot to get excited about when it comes to Wimbledon. But...

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  4. What Are Fragrance Notes?
    20 Jun

    What Are Fragrance Notes?

    by Tasmin Lofthouse

    Just like music, fragrances are made up of different notes. Being able to master fragrance notes is key for any scents-lover. By understanding your fragrance notes, you’ll be able to find the perfect fragrance every time. As scent specialists, we are focused on creating scents that make you smile. To help you find the perfect scent for you, here’s our guide to understanding fragrance notes…   What Are Fragrance Notes? Fragrance notes are essentially the different scent layers that make up the final fragrance. These scents are split into three distinct elements: top notes, heart notes and base notes. Together...

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