Donna Robinson

  1. Summer Skin Tips
    26 Jul

    Summer Skin Tips

    by Donna Robinson

    Whether you are enjoying a beach getaway or a stay-cation, summer is the season to relax and enjoy being outside, but it's not time to slack on your skincare routine. The UK is in the mist of a heatwave & we’ve got some handy skincare tips to ensure you can keep your skin safe in the sun! 1. Take a Cool Shower Hot showers after sun exposure further dry skin. Turn down the temperature and you’ll pick up a few added benefits. A cool shower after excess sweating helps to keep skin clear, decreasing acne breakouts. Try washing with our...

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  2. Flavour of the Month: Introducing Elderflower Fizz!
    18 Jul

    Flavour of the Month: Introducing Elderflower Fizz!

    by Donna Robinson

    Each month we will be introducing one of our brand new Signature Scents and this month it’s Elderflower Fizz! If you love the refreshing taste of gin, being outdoors and the spirit of summer you will love this scent! Launching this month as part of the six brand new Signature Scents this fresh floral fragrance is the perfect summer time treat! Inspired by the ever popular gin & tonic this scent combines delicate key notes of Elderflower, Jasmine, Apple and Cucumber to create a beautifully refreshing fizzy favourite. This beautiful fragrance embraces and revives the spirit of summer whatever the...

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  3. We’ve had a makeover!
    18 Jul

    We’ve had a makeover!

    by Donna Robinson

    To celebrate our 10 year anniversary we’ve got a new logo & launched a brand new Signature Scent Collection! The brand new identity has launched on our new Signature Scents range to begin with, again a celebration of our 10 year anniversary of scentsational scents! It will roll out across all of our products in the coming months. We are also working on lots more new flavours & products so if you want to be the first to know just sign up for our newsletter. Our new look will definitely mean more exciting products so watch this space! So why...

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  4. 6 brand new scents that will make you smile!
    18 Jul

    6 brand new scents that will make you smile!

    by Donna Robinson

    Today marks the day we launch our brand new Signature Scent Collection in five brand new products. Six brand new scents just for you in a range of bath and body beauties! This new collection evolves our current range from fruity favourites & sweet treats into fresh florals and creamy combinations. We have included more sophisticated flavours to attract a wider audience as well as delighting you guys, our fans. The new Signature Collection includes Elderflower Fizz, Vanilla Milk, English Rose, Violet Dreams, Glazed Raspberry and Exotic Fruits. We have also launched brand new products in these six Signature Scents...

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