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  • 14 Apr

    New Product Launch: I LOVE Hand Sanitisers

    by Donna Robinson

    Brand new product alert! The spread of the current coronavirus has got everyone thinking about how they can protect themselves & those around them. Hand washing is essential to prevent further outbreak...

  • 10 Mar

    What are the Benefits of Vitamin E Skincare?

    by Tasmin Lofthouse

    Most commonly known for it’s benefits to the skin, it’s no surprise that you’ll find vitamin E in many skincare lotions and potions. You can reap a whole host of benefits from...

  • 18 Dec

    Skincare Goals For Your New Year Resolutions

    by Tasmin Lofthouse

    It’s almost that time of year where we set ourselves New Year resolutions, despite probably not succeeding at the resolutions we set ourselves at the start of this year… c’mon, we can’t...

  • 12 Dec

    The Importance of Exfoliating Your Skin

    by Tasmin Lofthouse

    What does exfoliating do? Why do I need to exfoliate… and how do I exfoliate my skin properly? Those are just a few questions we receive when it comes to understanding exfoliants...

  • 29 Nov

    Top Tips For Your Winter Skin Care Routine

    by Tasmin Lofthouse

    We love Winter… enjoying cosy nights ins wrapped up in a blanket, watching Christmas films and drinking indulgent hot chocolates. As much as we love Winter, we can’t help but notice our...

  • 22 Nov

    Everything You Need To Know About Body Butter

    by Tasmin Lofthouse

    Body butters are a richer and more nourishing alternative to body moisturiser. They’re a must-have item for any bathroom shelf, especially if you're looking to keep your skin hydrated and glowing. In...

  • 13 Nov

    I LOVE... Ultimate Bath and Body Care Christmas Gift Guide

    by Tasmin Lofthouse

    This year, we have wrapped up the most perfect gifting range of bath and body treats in time for the festive season. Featuring stocking fillers and gifts for £5 or less, along...

  • 25 Oct

    Seven Ways to Beat the Sunday Scaries

    by Tasmin Lofthouse

    Sundays are meant to be for relaxing. However, that isn’t always the case. Do you find yourself nervously clock-watching on Sunday night, counting down the hours until it’s Monday? Do you spend...

  • 18 Oct

    How To Treat Dry Skin

    by Tasmin Lofthouse

    If you find yourself suffering with dry, itching or irritated skin, it may be time to revive your skincare routine and provide your skin with some extra nourishment. In this post, we...

  • 27 Sep

    How Scents Trigger Memories

    by Tasmin Lofthouse

    Have you ever smelled a certain perfume or scent and been immediately transported back to another time or place in your life? A spritz of your first ever perfume may send you...